Keys to Heaven

Ask a native or a visitor what they love about New Orleans, and music is sure to be in the top five answers.  The birthplace of Louis Armstrong and jazz, New Orleans hosts an eclectic blend of sounds. The music is epic, and the legends are numerous.  I champion the celebration of the game changers and trailblazers of today’s New Orleans music scene, and the greats who paved their way.   Continue reading →

Singing the Praise of Glitter Transfers

Whether you call them glitter appliqués or glitter transfers, these little gems allow you to draw and write on shoes and purses, without the fear of messing up a freshly glittered surface.  The beauty of this method is in it’s simplicity!  If you’ve ever coated your hand with glue as a child, waited until it dried and then peeled off the “skin,” you’ve already mastered the technique!  While I have a more detailed post on how to do glitter appliqués, I’ve covered the highlights on how I achieved this beauty. Continue reading →

Disney Princess Glittered Slippers

How many times have you grabbed your keys and told the little ones,”Come on let’s go.  We have errands to complete!” only to look down at your daughter’s feet to see that she’s wearing the dress up shoes that coordinate with her Disney princess ballgown?  What do you do?  Tell her to go put on real shoes, or acquiesce and keep it moving?  In New Orleans, we often times keep it moving and accept that her feet are covered and protected.  They may be play shoes, but they are real shoes! Continue reading →

Jazz Fest Congo Square Stacked Heel

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Congo Square stage is by far my favorite area on the fairgrounds.  Filled with culture and music, the Congo Square marketplace and stage embodies the spirit and energy of the Fest.  I’ll wander and enjoy other areas of the festival,  but for the most part, friends and family know they’ll find me planted in front of Congo! Continue reading →

Meet You at the Jazz Fest Flag Pole

New Orleans Jazz Fest flags are as much a part of the festival experience as the music and the food.  Festival flags come in all shapes and sizes.  Some of the aerial wonders aren’t even flags.  I’ve seen busts of Elvis and Professor Longhair, a blender, and a pork chop flying high over the festival grounds against a bright blue sky.  These colorful, creative airborne markers serve as beacons, drawing festival-goers to easily identifiable rendezvous spots.  Before cell phones, these spectacles were how you found people at Jazz Fest.  Due to poor cellular service and drained phone batteries, they’re still how you find people at Jazz Fest! Continue reading →

Duck, Duck. . . Flamingo!?! Rubber Duckie Wedge

Honestly!  Sometimes, I just can’t help myself!  The Krewe of Muses is truly inspiring.  Fortunate to have witnessed this organization of women grow and evolve over the years, I have enjoyed the “purposeful” addition of floats that add to their story and culture.  It’s been four years since the 2013 introduction of the Sirens float.   In 2017,  we saw the Krewe of Muses debut their momma duck and her string of baby ducks floats to follow the bathing Muses float.   After coming across a pair of pink ombre wedges, I started reimagining the Bathtub slipper and created this sparkling gem. Continue reading →

Glitter Buzz NOLA on FOX 8 WVUE

Leading up to my first ride with the Krewe of Muses on Thursday, February 23, I had the opportunity to share my love of glittering shoes with Fox 8 WVUE, twice!  Honestly, the ride would have been enough, but to go viral with a two minute video that garnered more than 1.2K shares and 102K views elevated this Mardi Gras to the best ever! I’m sharing this snippet from Liz Reyes’s Facebook page, that we shot after my live studio interview Tuesday, February 21.

The love and attention only added more positive vibes to the whole Mardi Gras 2017 experience!


Fifty Shades Darker Fan Art Stiletto

In honor of the release of Fifty Shades Darker, I crafted this stiletto to take it back to the Red Room where it all started.  On occasion, I have been asked from where do my shoe ideas and concepts originate.  My usual answer is “I live in New Orleans, what better source of inspiration is there!?” But I have to admit popular culture and events provide plenty of fodder.  Fifty Shades Darker’s heavily promoted 2017 Valentine’s weekend release led to my fan art contribution.  Continue reading →