A Tale of Two Shoes

IMG_1623 In my former professional endeavors this would have been a solid pair of work pumps, not too flashy, with nice classic lines. Fashioned with a reasonable heel height, the shoe is a modern spin on European fashion popular during the Baroque and Rocco periods. Besides the square shaped peep-toe, the modified spool heel provides additional eye-catching appeal.


After contemplating the classic simplicity of the shoe, I had two distinct glittering design ideas in mind.  Wanting to use the dancing Muses to decorate a shoe for some time now, I found the sizable surface area provided ample opportunity for decoupage. I took inspiration from Hazelnut’s New Orleans toile designed by Bryan Batt, and fashioned the dancing Muses with the New Orleans street tiles logo into a toile remix. The style of the shoe complements and supports the pattern.

My second design idea was inspired by the architecture of the shoe. Admiring the general slope of the shoe and the beautiful curve of the heel, I envisioned a slipper tub with clawfeet. Having seen several shoes depicting the Muses Bathing Beauties float, I felt up to the challenge to add my interpretation to the fray!

Muses Toile


Shoe sprayed with a base coat of white paint
Utility knife
Extreme Glitter Mod Podge
Lime Tree House Studio extra fine glitter
Gold Tree House Studio extra fine glitter
E6000 glue
Lime decorative trim

To create the Muses toile pattern, I copied an image from a Muses Facebook profile picture. Using Pages on my iPad, I resized the logo to 2.5 x 1.5”. I repeated and staggered the design in three rows. I then oriented and printed the design in landscape on regular white printer paper, so that I would have long pieces of “fabric” to work with.


Following an informative DIY tutorial from Set to Stunning, I used the utility knife and ruler to cut my toile “fabric” into manageable strips measuring about a quarter of an inch. Keeping the pieces in order to ensure the pattern aligned properly, I applied the strips with the Mod Podge folding a small amount inside the shoe and leaving about a half inch overhang on the outside bottom of the shoe.


I have an inkjet printer, and I found that with too much Mod Podge the image would smudge. If you try this technique, don’t be discouraged. I wiped soggy pieces of paper off and walked away from the shoe to only come back with renewed determination until I got it to my satisfaction! I started from the back seam of the shoe and worked my way to the front.


After the shoe thoroughly dried, I used the utility knife to trim the excess paper where the body of the shoe joined the sole and heel. Knowing the edges would be covered by the trim, I did not stress about minor mishaps or blemishes. The small amount of paper that folded over and tucked inside of the shoe was covered with glitter, nicely hidden.


My trim and glitter color choices were directed by Muses signature colors, but I could have used a number of choices to complement the blue (maybe, red). After glittering I attached the decorative trim with E6000 glue.

Bathing Muses

IMG_1664 Shoe sprayed with a base coat of white paint
White acrylic paint
Mod Podge Gloss
Aquamarine Artminds extra fine glitter
Disco Tree House Studio extra fine glitter
Fuchsia Tree House Studio extra fine glitter
E6000 glue
Glass Christmas ornaments
Muses slider bracelet
Rubber duck
Iridescent sequin trim



Using Mod Podge, I glittered the sole of the shoe first and then the inside. To ensure the best glitter coverage on the white exterior with the least amount of product, I applied white acrylic paint over the white base coat and then sprinkled the glitter directly on top. After the first coat dried, I brushed on Mod Podge and sprinkled on a second coating of glitter.


The shoe is decorated with discounted glass Christmas ornaments, a Muses slider bracelet, and a small rubber duck. The narrow width of the small strap allowed me to slip the letters on from the bracelet, before the final layer of Disco glitter. The “bubbles,” trim, and rubber duck were attached with the E6000 glue.



I enjoyed decorating this pair of shoes, and I hope I have inspired you. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog!