Butterfly Wedge

IMG_3656 What does India Arie and Audubon Insectarium have in common? They served as inspiration for this lovely!  I had the opportunity and pleasure of seeing Ms. Arie at the Essence Festival in July 2015, and was not only enthralled by her music but I was also mesmerized by her beautiful headpiece decorated with butterflies.
IPJX7997 I sat on the butterfly idea until the right shoe presented itself, only to come to the realization that I already had it!  This wedge is the mate to the Muses Officer Float.  While sorting through my stash of shoes, I picked this one up and turned it on its side and saw the butterfly created by the cut-out in the wedge.

The supplies used for this shoe are surprisingly simple:
Ebony Recollections extra fine glitter
Pumpkin Recollections extra fine glitter
Topaz ArtMinds extra fine glitter
Paper Butterflies
Mod Podge Extreme Glitter
DMBM8136 I covered the back zipper, the bottom sole and the cut-out with orange glitter, and then finished the remaining exposed parts with black glitter.
IMG_3507 Now for the glitter appliqué, I freehand drew a monarch butterfly and created a mirror-image because I wanted it on each side of the shoe.  I used various Pinterest pins as guides.  I traced the black elements, trying to leave openings for the orange.  Even though the 3D paint has a small tip, tracing such detailed work caused everything to run together.  The white details were added at the end randomly, but in an attempt to keep everything symmetrical.
IMG_3654 I purchased paper butterflies from an eBay store.  After covering the butterflies with Mod Podge Extreme Glitter, I attached them individually to the shoe with hot glue.
IMG_3653 My final addition of the two butterflies attached by floral wire gives the appearance of them hovering over the shoe.
IMG_3652 By far, this is one of my favorites!