Fifty Shades Darker Fan Art Stiletto

In honor of the release of Fifty Shades Darker, I crafted this stiletto to take it back to the Red Room where it all started.  On occasion, I have been asked from where do my shoe ideas and concepts originate.  My usual answer is “I live in New Orleans, what better source of inspiration is there!?” But I have to admit popular culture and events provide plenty of fodder.  Fifty Shades Darker’s heavily promoted 2017 Valentine’s weekend release led to my fan art contribution.  A nice contrast to the red and black stiletto, the silver mask is a nod to the masquerade ball depicted in the second installment.  The architecture of the shoe provides several details that only required a little glitter and glue to highlight.  The black satin ruffle creates a delicate edge that compliments the lacing and the sequin trim.  I used a combination of extra fine glitter and larger sequin-like glitter to create texture and visual interest.

The view from the back is just as stunning as the front, a red bottom for the Red Room!