Duck, Duck. . . Flamingo!?! Rubber Duckie Wedge

Honestly!  Sometimes, I just can’t help myself!  The Krewe of Muses is truly inspiring.  Fortunate to have witnessed this organization of women grow and evolve over the years, I have enjoyed the “purposeful” addition of floats that add to their story and culture.  It’s been four years since the 2013 introduction of the Sirens float.   In 2017,  we saw the Krewe of Muses debut their momma duck and her string of baby ducks floats to follow the bathing Muses float.   After coming across a pair of pink ombre wedges, I started reimagining the Bathtub slipper and created this sparkling gem. I choose to cover the body of the shoe with a coral glitter to complement the ombre effect of the pink to clear wedge heel.  The interior of the shoe is an aqua blue intended to evoke thoughts of sparkling water.  While I try to take some time to think about my glitter color choices, it’s fairly easy to add another coat of Mod Podge and sprinkle with another color if I’m not satisfied with my first choice.
I love hitting on the right color combination when I glitter shoes, but the addition of embellishments and accoutrements is for what I live.  Going through my stash of sequin trim and discounted holiday ornaments and pulling bits and pieces together gives me the chance to create art.  It’s like being in grade school all over again and given scissors, glue and construction paper, oh the possibilities!
While the yellow rubber duckies were taken from a string of Mardi Gras beads, I found the flamingo rubber duckie on eBay.  I purchased a pack of twelve, so be warned there are more shoes coming using her siblings!
I am a firm believer in allowing the shoe’s structure and lines to dictate the scheme and final design.  Looking at this pink wedge, I envisioned a bathtub.  I often discover that it’s the simplest shoe with the right detailing that’s elevated to something truly special.  I truly had fun creating this one!