Monarch Butterfly Wedge

More than a year ago, I did my first butterfly shoe.  I was pleased with the outcome, but immediately had thoughts on how I could improve the design.  After this year’s attack of the buck moth caterpillar here in New Orleans, I was inspired to repeat the butterfly wedge with only monarchs.

While my first iteration is a composition of paper butterflies, this wedge is covered with silk monarchs that I found in the floral department at Michael’s.  Attached to wire, the kaleidoscope of butterflies appear to have simply paused in flight resting upon the glittered shoe.  I highlighted the butterflies markings with 3D paint and glitter, time consuming but well worth the results.

I write and say often, “a shoe dictates what it wants to be.”  The real estate on this wedge provided ample space to create a butterfly glitter appliqué.  Starting with this shape and using a simple palette, I have achieved the shoe that I envisioned.