Disney Princess Glittered Slippers

How many times have you grabbed your keys and told the little ones,”Come on let’s go.  We have errands to complete!” only to look down at your daughter’s feet to see that she’s wearing the dress up shoes that coordinate with her Disney princess ballgown?  What do you do?  Tell her to go put on real shoes, or acquiesce and keep it moving?  In New Orleans, we often times keep it moving and accept that her feet are covered and protected.  They may be play shoes, but they are real shoes! Taking inspiration from moments like this and Disney princesses Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, I transformed this pair of slippers.  While the outer soles are covered with burgundy glitter,  the inner soles are sprinkled with silver.  Keeping these components the same on both shoes create a coordinated pair. The bling factor is off the charts!  After the second application of glue, I randomly sprinkled chunky cuts of glitter before finishing with the second coat of extra fine glitter.  I don’t remember if it was by accident or by design the first time that I used this technique, but I find it creates more dimension and texture to the finished shoe.   This little pair had so much going for them before I even started glittering and embellishing them. The double bow, the diamond trim, and the modest little heel all add to the cute factor.  
Starting with the right shoe, I covered the top with light blue to evoke images of Cinderella’s ballgown.  While birds and other woodland creatures may have been more accurate, I went with butterflies claiming artistic liberty.  The butterflies are suspended from floral wire and attached to the inside of the shoe with hot glue.

Continuing the butterfly theme, the left slipper is glittered with a light pink in honor of Sleeping Beauty.  These two are an “unmatched” pair that clearly go together, yet stand alone carrying an individual princess theme.

While my inspiration stems from play shoes, these slippers are an actual pair of little girl’s dress shoes. Glitter is a fun way to preserve and display treasured little shoes that are so quickly outgrown.  Those days of running errands with your little princess are so fleeting. Why not take those first communion or Easter shoes and transform them into something special and whimsical?