Singing the Praise of Glitter Transfers

Whether you call them glitter appliqués or glitter transfers, these little gems allow you to draw and write on shoes and purses, without the fear of messing up a freshly glittered surface.  The beauty of this method is in it’s simplicity!  If you’ve ever coated your hand with glue as a child, waited until it dried and then peeled off the “skin,” you’ve already mastered the technique!  While I have a more detailed post on how to do glitter appliqués, I’ve covered the highlights on how I achieved this beauty. I choose a platform wedge. The surface area on this style of shoe allows room for larger images.  Internet searches, especially Pinterest, yield the best selection of graphics.  After selecting the image, I sized it using the Pages app on my iPad.  If you don’t have a nifty little app or graphic design software, you could simply reduce and enlarge on a copier machine. Once you have your desired image sized properly, the fun begins.  Secure the graphic  with tape inside of a gallon size freezer bag. Using squeeze bottles of Tulip dimensional fabric paint, I traced my image and then sprinkled with extra fine glitter.

When creating appliqués with this many colors, know that it’s going to take multiple sessions to complete it.  You will work with one color at a time, allowing each section to dry before moving on to the next.  I started with the black to create her dress, hair, nostrils and the interior of her mouth.  Next, I traced out the singer’s skin, moving on to her microphone and earrings.  Her teeth were finished last to ensure bright white with minimal glitter contamination.

After you layer each color and everything has dried, you simply peel your completed appliqué from the plastic freezer bag and attach it with E6000 adhesive.  That simple!  But if it’s still a little unclear, refer back to my previous post or shoot me a quick question.