Keys to Heaven

Ask a native or a visitor what they love about New Orleans, and music is sure to be in the top five answers.  The birthplace of Louis Armstrong and jazz, New Orleans hosts an eclectic blend of sounds. The music is epic, and the legends are numerous.  I champion the celebration of the game changers and trailblazers of today’s New Orleans music scene, and the greats who paved their way.  I have had this little gem and its mate in my stash of shoes for a while now.  When a pump with straps like this comes into my possession, I usually look at it with thoughts of a design that incorporates stripes or rainbows.  When challenged by Kenner Rivertown Theaters with creating a piece that celebrates New Orleans’s rich history, I knew this was the one!

The straps on the pump evoked thoughts of a piano keyboard.  I could have stopped with the shoe straps, but I wanted the piano keys to be a central part of the design, so I created a 3-dimensional element that floats above the shoe.
Using felt and floral wire, I constructed the “stairway” keyboard.  I simply sandwiched and hot glued the wire between two rectangles of white felt.  Continuing the designs on both sides, I painted the black keys onto the white keys using 3D fabric paint. The musical note and the trumpet are Christmas ornaments also attached to floral wire. They continue the music theme and provide nice contrast to the black and white piano keys.
Resisting the urge to add a cloud of feathers, I did not want to obscure the view of the keyboard.  I am pleased with the final results.