Q: Do you sell your shoes?
A: Yes, I do! I started by helping a friend with her thirty shoes and quickly found other Muses who could use a hand in decorating their shoes. My availability is limited, especially with maintaining this blog, so contact me early about crafting your throws or a custom piece for your personal collection.

Q: Do you do any other handmade throws?
A: Yes, I do!  Mardi Gras 2016, I was challenged to produce Nyx throw purses.  I rose to the task and crafted some fairly awesome creations.

Q: This is my first time to decorate shoes. Do you have a list of basic supplies that I will need?
A: For a list of must have shoe decorating supplies, click HERE. Keep in mind that this can be scaled down, especially if this is a one time only venture for you. Brushes, glitter and glue are absolutely essential so get those items first. You can add extras as you go.

Q: How do you get such even glitter coverage?
A: It’s all about the brush! I use a 1/2″ horsehair brush for glue application. The brush allows for complete coverage with a thin layer of glue.  I also believe two thin layers of glue and glitter beats one thick layer any day! Think finger nail polish application, ladies.

Q: How do you write and draw on your shoes and get consistently fabulous results?
A: I actually do not draw or write directly on the shoe. I use a technique that Nori at Confessions of a Glitter Addict first described to create glitter appliqués that I then glue to the shoe.

In short, I create a graphic representation that I insert and secure inside of a plastic freezer bag. I then trace the image with 3D fabric paint and cover with glitter. After the paint is completely dry, I peel my glitter appliqué off the plastic and adhere it to the shoe with E6000 Craft Adhesive.  The technique is really very simple, and I created a post with a video.

Q: Do you do workshops?
A: Yes! I am available to provide instruction and demonstrate hands on technique. Please email your interest, and I will get back with you.