Chinese Dragon Dance Wedge

When given the freedom and liberty to create, great things abound!  Part Chinese culture, yet still very much Mardi Gras, the Chinese Dragon Dance Wedge was a concept that I thought about for a while.  The Asian culture is rich with symbolism just as Mardi Gras is steeped in Greek mythology.  Wanting to create a shoe that merged the two cultures, I started with the Krewe of Orpheus Leviathan signature parade float as my muse. Continue reading →

From Walnut to miniature Zulu Coconut

Wanting to outfit my purple, green, and gold glittered shoes with traditional Mardi Gras throws, got me thinking about miniatures.  Specifically, what could I use for a mini coconut?  I am happy to share that I have found a walnut to be the perfect size and a natural fit!  The shape is similar to a coconut and the size works well as a shoe embellishment.  After a quick trip to my local Rouse’s to pick up a bag of walnuts, I got to work. Continue reading →

You’re a Fancy One, Mr. Grinch

While I don’t usually do holiday shoes, I was compelled to capture the likeness and spirit of the Grinch in this piece.   The fictional character created by Dr. Seuss is best known as the main antagonist of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!  A winter holiday icon, the Grinch leaped from the pages of a children’s book to several television and film adaptations and onto a Broadway stage in a span of almost 60 years. Although I missed the recent musical production that came to the New Orleans Saenger Theatre in November 2016, I enjoyed creating this glittered shoe. Continue reading →

Gatsby Inspired Glittered Art Deco Slippers

img_7346 My muse for these Art Deco period shoes is my friend and co-worker, Michelle.  From her own mouth, I have heard, “I should have been born in an earlier era, like the 1920s, maybe.”  And for that reason and a few others, I wanted to glitter a shoe that evoked thoughts of the art deco period, The Great Gatsby, and stylish vintage fashions for her enjoyment. Continue reading →

Glittered Game Day Football Wedge Shoes

image I picked these wedges up at my local Goodwill earlier this summer.  The unadorned pair came with amazing stitching that brought to mind thoughts of a football or baseball.  Since most people in southeast Louisiana are New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers football fans, I started thinking along those lines. Continue reading →

Garden Gem: a Little Girl’s Fancy Shoe

image Adorned with a ladybug and garden flowers, this little gem originally came from a krewe of Muses member, who’s a mother of three little girls. Don’t quote me.  But, if I remember correctly, the pair of tap shoes were passed down from the middle daughter to the youngest child.  Now, much too small for the last little tapper, the pair was added to Momma’s stash.   Momma gave one of the shoes to me earlier this year and asked me to create something special. Continue reading →

Unicorn Wedge 2.0

image The original Unicorn Wedge was completed in May 2015.  Considering that it was one of my first shoes, finished early in my second year of doing Muses shoes, I was fairly pleased with the results.  BUT, after doing this for a while,(my third year, now!), I’ve come across new supplies and different techniques.  And with the experience that I have gained, I decided I wanted to create a new and improved shoe named Unicorn Wedge 2.0! Continue reading →

Second Line Til Ya Die

After coming across this dancing line of skeletons, my first thoughts were of a traditional New Orleans second line. You know:  the gathering that joyfully parades in celebrations of life and death.  For me, the image evokes thoughts of paraders strutting behind a brass band, twirling and pumping umbrellas in the air and waving handkerchiefs. Continue reading →

Back to School, the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s that time of year, again!  Teachers are headed back to school to air out classrooms abandoned for the beach back in May.  They are shaking the sand from tote bags and converting them back into carryalls to transport lesson plans and graded assignments. While parents are shopping to get their little ones prepared for the new year, elementary school teachers are decorating doors and rooms to welcome their new students.

Our Dearly Beloved, Prince Rogers Nelson

In the past few weeks since Prince Rogers Nelson’s untimely death, the Internet and other media outlets have exploded with his music, videos, and stories of his life.  The man was a musical genius, yet so much more! Continue reading →